Monday, May 2, 2011

Einstein Bros Bagels and Panda Inn

Mmmmmmm bagels!  One of my favorite foods!  Whenever I go to Los Angeles, I try to stop at a good bagel store, since there really isn't one in Santa Barbara.  So yesterday I googled Noah's Bagels in Pasadena from my phone, and then used the Maps app on my Droid to get directions there.  Luckily, it was only a few exits before the restaurant we were going to for lunch.  So we drive down the street....and pull into a parking lot near the address we were looking for.  It was paid parking (without validation) and we asked the guy working where Noah's was.  Apparently that Noah's is now an Einstein Bros Bagels.  Does anyone know if this is true of all Noah's?  They have a lot of the same bagels but a few different ones.

The new one I decided to try as my 13th in the dozen was....a pretzel bagel!  OMG if you love pretzels and/or salt, this is the bagel for you!  I toasted mine last night for dinner and put cream cheese on it.  It was out of this world!  I wish my whole dozen was that kind!!!  My pumpernickel, good grains, garlic and chocolate chip bagels should definitely be worried!

And then we went on to lunch at Panda Inn...all 15 or 16 of us!  What a great restaurant!  They are part of the same family of restaurants as Panda Express, except they are way better!  They had the option of a HUGE buffet (with free alcohol) or ordering from the menu.  The buffet had a ton of shrimp, which I don't eat, so I decided to order family style with most everyone else.  We ordered sweet and sour pork (which I don't eat), mu shu pork (don't eat any pork) orange chicken (mild), beef and broccoli, chicken fried rice, chicken with pan fried noodles and tofu and eggplant.  Everything I did eat was delicious!!!!  And I have learned I really like deliciously flavored deep fried tofu!  I always thought I didn't care for tofu, but I have found two deep fried ways I like it now!  After lunch we had birthday cake for my uncle and the restaurant gave everyone white chocolate-covered fortune cookies.  What a treat!  I would be really happy if we ever got a Panda Inn in Santa Barbara or somewhere closer than Pasadena!

The Okaneko/Adachi/Kikuchi/McFarlin/Drageset/Ogawa family!

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AudreyO said...

Chinese food tofu is almost always really good. Their sauces are great.