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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tell Me Thursday - #2

Tell Me Thursday is all about Wordless Wednesday.

We are trying to eat all of that food before we move next weekend. It feels like we have used up so much of it, yet there is still that much left. I guess we buy way too much food, huh?


Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

Oh boy do I understand that process! We moved last November and did the same thing. We just got married so I am trying to clean out some of the duplicate items as well as item I just don't need/use/want anymore. Such a huge process. Good luck with the move.

PippaD said...

Or you are really small eaters!

Thom said...

What I guess is your going to get real real fat LOL


Hello! This one is fun, too! Is there a button? Stop by and don't eat too much!

Tell Me Thursday said...

That's a lot of food. When we moved last we decided about 6 weeks out that we were going to try to eat everything that was left in the house so we wouldn't have to move it. Made for some interesting meals... blech!

Hope your move goes well and thanks for TMTing with us!

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