Friday, March 5, 2010

American Idol - Second Round of Go Homes

I think I am gonna blog...just to see if my predictions were right! two picks are in the same I must be wrong!  John Park went home and Todrick got to stay.  I have to admit that Todrick has the best voice of the two of them by far...John is good though!

OMG Andrew and Jermaine are left.......not breathing!!!!!  I'm sorry to have been rooting against Jermaine....but I LOVE Andrew!!!!

I love Danny Gokey....that's all I have to say about him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Delamor went home...that's okay since I never really remember her!

Haeley Vaughn went home finally.  She's a sweet girl but it was really her time to go!

I think we're down to 16 contestants now!

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