Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Book Reviews

In my slacking...I have neglected to blog about the last 3 books I read.  While I am doing better at reading than last year, I'm not doing as well as I hoped.  But I am currently working on cleaning out my magazines LOL

On to the book reviews....

Book #5 is "To Wed A Wicked Prince" by Jane Feather.  I had to start the book twice because the beginning was so boring...and it never got much better.  I did want to know what happened, because I am curious, but I really dragged through this book.  I wouldn't recommend it...unless you just love books that take place in the 1700s in England.  Oh, and I should probably add that almost all of the reviews I have found for this book are negative.

Book #6 is"One Day at a Time" by Danielle Steel.  She never fails to disappoint!  This is an amazing story about a free-spirited woman and a male Hollywood movie star.  The characters are very well developed, and I felt like I was a part of the story!!!  The female lead is a dog walker, which I think is really cool.  Since I try to always not give away too much, just read it and see how amazing it is for yourself.  I think I read it in 2 or 3 days!  I definitely recommend this book :)

Book #7 is "The Husband Tree" by Mary Connealy.  I won this book from Good Reads.  To be blunt, I read it because I felt obligated after winning it.  But to be honest, I loved it!  I was truly surprised that I loved it, but I did.  It is listed as a Christian romance, but I am Jewish and did not find it to be Christian at all.  There was no mention of religion whatsoever.  It takes place in the Old West.  It's about a lady named Belle, her 4 kids, and her ranch.  It kinda starts with a cattle drive...which I had never heard of.  I read it as quickly as I could...and I definitely lost some sleep while reading it.  I highly recommend this book!


sheila said...

I love Danielle Steel. I used to read her in High School. I bet she's come out with a ton since then!

Debbie said...

That last one looks good to me too!