Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol - Top 8 Guys

Lee Dewyze - Owl City "Fireflies" Randy thought it was a strange song choice but he liked how he made it his own.  Ellen thought it was good and said people have crushes on him (I'm one).  Kara liked his confidence.  Simon didn't really like it but liked his progress.  I thought it was fine but apparently I'm not cool since I don't know that song.

Alex Lambert - Ray LaMontagne "Trouble"  Randy liked the song choice but thought he could have done more with it.  Ellen called him a mushy banana (he is ripening quickly).  Kara wants him to be less stiff.  Simon also wanted him to relax more.  I really like him :)

Tim Urban - Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah"  Can I just say before even listening...that this is one of my favoritest songs in the world and he better not mess it up!!!!!!  It was good...but not as good as when Jason Castro did it a few years ago.  Randy thought he did a pretty good job.  Ellen thought it was fantastic and ran on stage to hug him.  Kara thought he was in it..and in the top of the boys.  Simon took credit for him doing well LOL

Andrew Garcia - Christina Aguilera "Genie in a Bottle" Randy said it didn't quite work for him.  Ellen loved the song choice but thought it didn't get great until the end.  Kara was sad cuz she said he peaked so early on.  She wanted it to be better than it was.  Simon called it desperate.  I didn't think it was his best performance, but I love him so I am going to vote for him.

Casey James - Keith Urban "You'll Think of Me" Randy thought it was too safe of a choice.  Ellen thought it was great.  Kara said she is kind of back on the Casey train.  Simon said it was his second best performance.  I thought it was okay.

Aaron Kelly - Lonestar "I'm Already There" Randy thought it was really good.  Ellen loved his confidence but thought the song was a bit much for him.  Kara thought the song wasn't relevant to his life.  Simon thought Kara's thought was rubbish.  Another mediocre performance.

Todrick Hall - Queen "Somebody to Love" Randy said, "Todrick is back."  Ellen thought his song choice was really brave.  Kara thought it was really dramatic.  Simon thought it may have gotten him into the Top 12.  It was pretty good!

Michael Lynche - Maxwell "This Woman's Work" Randy was over the top about the performance.  Ellen called it beautiful, and said he was the one to beat.  Kara cried.  Simon thought he 100% nailed it and said it was the best performance of the show to date.  It was pretty dang good!  He's an amazing performer!

I don't even want to guess at who is going home, because I love these boys.


SparkleFarkel said...

Lots of strong performances Wednesday night. Many of the guys who were shy of the plate last week, stepped up to it this go. Here's my gripe: Ellen DeGeneres. Seriously, I am one of Ellen's biggest fans and was willing to give her the benefit of a doubt as a judge on American Idol, but boy, oh, boy, is she ever getting on my last nerve. (Since announcing that she landed the Idol job, it's ALL she ever talks about on her Daytime show-- even at the expense of her guests, who graciously put up with her. Lately, for me, I'm finding it easier and easier to find something better to do while watching Ellen, like NOT watching Ellen. LOL) So many of Ms. DeGeneres' Idol remarks seem contrived and rehearsed (as if she makes a list of "witticisms" ahead of time), those of which she randomly saddles on contestants in order to create fodder for herself, so she can, once again, talk about herself on, as Ellen puts it, "my other show-- I have TWO shows, you know. Wait! Let me remind everybody: I am a judge on American Idol!") AND that "impromtu" hug she landed on Jeff Buckley was just plain awkward. (<-- It had me longing for long, lost Paula Moments, to be sure! LOL! At least Paula was being being "real". <-- Did I just say that?) Get a grip, Ellen, not everything is about Ellen. LOL!

Hmm. Maybe I'll turn my Daytime Ellen watching into a game: Everytime she says "American Idol", I get an M&M!
(And then, probably, diabetes.)

Liz Mays said...

I thought Jason Castro did a way better job of Hallelujah too.

I am just not really enjoying this year of Idol at all. I thought I'd like Ellen and I don't. Big mistake to have her on there. It's not working.