Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well...I haven't blogged in a week!  I thought I was getting back into my online groove...but I feel like I have barely been on the internet!

My acrylics are holding up okay but they feel too long now!!!  I can't wait for them to grow out so I can get them painted a cool color!!!!

I had two little kids over from my work to try out this cool new Spongebob game for Wii that I was given to review...more on that later!

I did 6 loads of laundry or something the other day...who knew I owned so much stuff?!?!?!  I also spent $100+ at Old Navy on new's about time they got in some decent skirts!!!!

I went to Los Angeles to do all of my Passover shopping...the food is so expensive!!!  I feel like I barely bought anything but spent a fortune.

I'm doing an awful job of losing weight just seems to hold where it is because I eat enough for like 10 people (or so it seems...tho since I'm short I probably just eat as much as "normal" people)

I think that's about it...I really do wanna get back to blogging every day...and I do have winners, new giveaways and new reviews to post!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well why didn't ya tell me to send my laundry LOL Glad your okay :) And good to hear from you :)

Patty (Mummatutu) said...

howdy, looks like we'll be swapping for the Easter/Spring Swap! Can you tell me a bit more about yourself? I noticed you do not celebrate Easter and would like to get Spring Items that's great I'd be game for the same! Excited about this swap... Welcome back to blogging!

I am now following you!