Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol - Top 10 Guys


OMG The girls were supposed to perform but can't because Crystal Bowersox went to the hospital.  Scary!

Michael Lynche - James Brown "This is a Man's World"  Randy really liked it.  Ellen thought it was the one to beat and the way to start out the night.  Kara said she didn't get him until this performance.  Even Simon really liked it...he sang his praises!  I thought it was good but didn't know the song so didn't love it.

John Park - Wow, English is his second language...Korean is his first!  John Mayer "Gravity" Randy didn't think it was as good as the original.  Ellen and Kara thought it was better than last week.  Ellen thought there could've been more soul in it.  Kara doesn't believe it when he sings it...and needs him to let loose and take risks!  Simon thought Purple Haze might get their lead singer back...he called it a "so what" performance.

Casey James - Gavin DeGraw "I Don't Wanna Be"  Randy was pretty happy with the performance...he said he would produce this record.  Ellen said you can't go wrong with that song.  She wants him to be less stiff on stage.  Kara said it took two steps backwards for her.  Simon agreed with Kara.  I was relieved to like it since I love that song!

Alex Lambert - John Legend "Everybody Knows"  Randy said it was a big improvement from last week and wasn't as sound alike as previous performances.  Ellen thought he "ripened" super quickly (like a banana in a brown paper bag) LOL  Kara said there isn't a person out there not rooting for him...and that he has an incredible, recordable voice.  Simon said it was a million times better than last week.  He said you should only be nervous if you're useless and Alex isn't useless.  Simon really wants him to have more confidence.  I really like him...he's so adorable!!!

Todrick Hall - Tina Turner "What's Love Got to do with It" Randy still thought he re-did the arrangement too much.  But...he did like his falsetto run at the end.  Ellen wanted him to dance more and didn't like the song choice.  Kara really liked his audition song but hasn't been thrilled since.  Simon was mean and I don't even want to repeat what he said.  I liked it but didn't love it.

Jermaine Sellers - Marvin Gaye "What's Goin' On" Randy liked it better than last week but seemed to have highs and lows with it.  It didn't work for Ellen and she thought he pushed too hard.  Kara thought it felt forced, and that he was trying to show too many tricks.  Simon thought he was too old-fashioned and too over the top.  I thought it was okay but I am actually not a huge Marvin Gaye fan (don't shoot me!!)

Andrew Garcia - James Morrison "You Give Me Something"  Randy thought it was pitchy and thinks Andrew is better than the performance.  Ellen liked it a lot and liked that he takes chances.  But she did say he had a peak with the Paula Abdul song and will always be compared to that.  Kara agreed with Ellen about it going down since "Straight Up."  Kara thought it was too safe.  Simon didn't like that he chose the wrong song 2 weeks in a row.  I always like Andrew so I am biased LOL

Aaron Kelly - The Temptations "My Girl" Randy liked the first half better than the second half...but thought it was way better than last week!  Ellen liked how much more confidence he had...but thought the song was a bit forgettable.  Kara threw out a slew of compliments!  Simon didn't like it...he thought it was all over the place.  Simon had a lot of negativity...but I stopped listening to him LOL  I liked it!!!!

Tim Urban - He is from a family of 10!!  Matt Nathanson "Come On Get Higher"  OMG My opinion much better than last week!!!!  Randy didn't get it, he thought it was very karaoke and unspecial.  Ellen thought he should be on Glee acting and then singing, because singing isn't his strong point.  Kara liked the song choice, but didn't think he made it his own.  Simon disagreed with everyone and thought it was a huge improvement, liked his song choice, listened to the criticism from last week etc.  I never agree with Simon LOL 

Lee Dewyze - Hinder "Lips of an Angel"  Randy could tell he felt awkward but liked it!  Ellen heard a few pitch problems but also really liked it.  Kara thought it was a huge improvement from last week but heard way fewer pitch problems.  She also said she could hear him on the radio right now because his look and sound are both so commercial.  Simon thinks he is the best vocally for the boys' side.  I have liked him also from the beginning.

Oh to pick my 2 that I think will go home.  Todrick Hall and John Park?  I like them both but they seem to be having a lot of trouble each week!!!!

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