Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol - Top 10 Girls

Crystal Bowersox - Credence Clearwater "Long As I Can See the Light" Randy loved her and how true she is to herself.  Ellen liked her raw, natural talent.  Kara said she hit a new level.  Simon admitted to having underestimating her.  I liked it...but I've always liked her!

Haeley Vaughn - Miley Cyrus "The Climb" Randy said it was excruciating.  Ellen didn't feel she connected to the song.  Kara said she is a good performer but said she needs a year of strengthening her voice.  Simon called it a complete and utter mess.  I kind of felt like she took a not so hot song and made it worse.

Lacey Brown - Sixpence None the Richer "Kiss Me" Randy liked the song choice but felt it was too karaoke.  Ellen thought it was adorable and it sounded good.  Kara liked the beginning..but said she needed to step it up.  Simon thinks she is good and happy but not memorable.  I thought it was alright.

Katie Stevens - Corinne Bailey Rae "Put Your Records On" Randy liked when she sang in her upper register.  Ellen still wants to see her younger.  Kara agreed with Ellen about being younger...and also wanted her to do her own thing more.  Simon thinks she still needs to find herself...but didn't think the performance was a winning performance.  Weird...I liked her way better than last week!!!

Didi Benami - Bill Withers "Lean on Me" Randy didn't like the song choice.  Ellen loves her voice, presence, etc...and also wished for a different song.  Kara said it wasn't good but that she is still a fan.  Simon said it was all over the place.  Weird....I didn't love the beginning but I thought it got a lot better after the rough beginning.

Michelle Delamor - Creed "With Arms Wide Open" Randy didn't think she did enough with the song.  Ellen thought she did do a lot with the song...and she forgot it was a rock song.  Kara said it was her favorite performance of Michelle's so far...she said it felt believable.  OMG Simon agreed with Kara.

Lilly Scott - Sam Cooke "A Change is Gonna Come"  Randy loved how unique she was.  Ellen said she has "it" and did the best performance of the night.  Kara likes how much she stands out and that she tried out for a show where she doesn't really fit in.  Simon thought it was good but not as good as last week.

Katelyn Epperly -Coldplay "The Scientist" Randy thought it was really slow but he really liked it.  Ellen kinda fell asleep because it was sooooo slow.  Kara kind of loves her? LOL  Simon liked it but thinks she is too corny...but did think it was way better than last week!  I liked it...but definitely understand what they all meant about slow.

Paige Miles - Kelly Clarkson "Walk Away" Randy liked it but wasn't sure if it was the best choice for her.  Ellen loved it and thought it was fantastic.  Kara thought she smiled too much for what the song was in she didn't quite connect with the song...but she did like it.  Simon agreed with Randy..and didn't like her choice for the 2nd week in a row.  I thought it was okay.

Siobhan Magnus - Aretha Franklin "Think" Randy liked how bold and fearless she is...and said it was "dope".  Ellen loved it also. Kara loved that she could hit such high notes.  Simon thought it had good and bad parts.  I liked it...I was impressed!!!

Haeley Vaughn needs to go!!!!  Other than that...I didn't think any of them "deserved" to go home.

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