Thursday, April 8, 2010

Computer "Upgrade"

A week or two ago, my friend completely redid my computer!  It was slow and everything was half-broken, so it was very needed!

I now have Windows 7.  I don't know if I don't do enough with my computer or what the issue is, but I never notice huge differences between operating systems.  The biggest differences to me are always appearance wise.  And I am beyond confused by this "library" thing.  My friend said it was simple, but I can't get my old files into my new libraries, so it's obviously not that simple.

My hard drive was reformatted...whatever that actually means.

And finally, I am using Google Chrome now.  This is where I could really use everyone's help!  I used to have NoScript on Firefox, I can't find a similar program for Chrome.  I also had a great fill in program for entering giveaways, which I also can't find for Chrome.  So if anyone has any tips, they would be much appreciated.

So I've learned something.  When your computer is acting up and not working properly, just wipe it and start over and everything will be great (mostly lol).


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you computer is working better. Sometimes we just need to do start over from scratch with them. Windows 7 is real good. I use Chrome sometimes but not enough to know anything like what your asking. But I'm glad you are up and running. I'm amazed on AI post. I guess, after what I read, the judges used their one save already. Seems a bit early to me but oh well :)

Rachael @ Empowering Mommy said...

I need to do the same thing with mine. It has been acting very badly lately. I so want Windows 7 for my computer - I have always hated Vista.

Personal Watercraft Parts said...

I'm also trying out chrome. But im really thinking about going back to firefox so i can use no script and ai roboform again. I miss them dearly and there are no good equivalents for chrome yet. :(

MommieDaze said...

I get confused by a new Windows upgrade. It's been years, and I'm still trying to figure out Vista.