Friday, April 9, 2010

What Flavor Are Your Kisses?

What a weird quiz..but I took it anyway lol

You Have Lime Flavored Kisses

You are an adventurous kisser, and you're always up for trying something new.

You crave novelty, and it's hard for you to only have one make out partner.

You're not shy, and if you want to kiss someone, you'll just got for it.

You think people are too hung up on kissing. They just should relax more and let it be fun!

This might be a bit over the top LOL


Anonymous said...

OMG this makes you seem like a tramp ROFLMAO!!! Hard for you to only have one make out partner. you'll just go for it. Over the top indeed LOL

Amy said...

This is what I got..

You Are a Cherry Flavored Kiss
You consider yourself an expert kisser, and you try to kiss perfectly.
You feel like you have the technique down, and you take kissing very seriously.

You are always making sure your partner is comfortable and having fun. You're quite considerate.
You don't kiss and tell, yet somehow you've got a great reputation for your kissing skills.

Sarah said...

LOL - who thinks these quizzes up?