Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mort's Delicatessen

My mom and I were driving to visit my grandparents last weekend when we got hungry for lunch.  We tried to go to Chipotle since neither of us have ever been there, but we accidentally drove right by the freeway exit to go there.  My mom decided to get off at Reseda and just look for somewhere else to eat.  So we got off the freeway and the first place I saw was Mort's Delicatessen - perfect!  What is better than a deli?

The place was packed!  They were turning over tables so quickly.  We sat down, promptly ordered our food, and it came a few minutes later.  What service!

My mom's chicken noodle soup that she loved.

My club sandwich that was delicious!  It came dry though which was weird, I asked for ranch for my fries and ended up using it on my sandwich also.

My mom's corned beef sandwich plus both of our pickles HAHA

The food and service here were both great!  We will definitely visit Mort's Deli again if we find ourselves hungry in Tarzana :)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Now that looks like a perfect meal.
We do love Chipotle, one of our favorites!

marie said...

That looks like great diner food. I haven't had a club sandwich in forever, and the fries? There better be no such thing as calories in heaven.