Monday, January 23, 2012

Santa Barbara Axxess Blogging...Year 3 #4 - Nicky D's Wood Fired Pizza

I am failing miserably at visiting Santa Barbara restaurants to use my Axxess card.  But I finally used it today at Nicky D's Wood Fired Pizza.  They opened a while ago where Pizza Hut used to be.  The biggest difference between the two places is that Nicky D's has a dine-in option.  The deal there is 20% off your first visit.

There was only one other group dining in when we got there so we got our choice of tables...woohoo!  The guy working the cash register (owner maybe) was also extremely nice, friendly, helpful, etc :)

My mom and I both opted for the lunch special.  You get 2 huge slices of cheese pizza, a mixed greens salad and a drink all for $7.99.  Wow!

This is my mom's salad with everything on it...onions, olives, tomatoes...I forget what else.

This is my salad with lettuce, croutons and cheese LOL

Look at these huge pizza slices!

My favorite thing about their pizza was that it only had a little bit of sauce.  I don't love tomatoes so this was perfect for me.  I think my mom's favorite thing was how full of "goodies" the salad was.  I did love that they made my salad plain! LOL

We saved between $3-4 which is good for lunch.  I think we will definitely be going back there in the future...I want to try their garlic bread next time! :)

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Kindlemom said...

The salads look yummy!