Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Treachery in Death by JD Robb

J.D. Robb / Nora Roberts is one of about five of my all-time favorite authors!  I love the books she writes under both names - they couldn't be more different!  Robb's "In Death" series revolve around Lieutenant Eve Dallas and take place around the year 2060.  I love reading about Dallas and her futuristic world.

Treachery in Death is all about a dirty cop....ooooh!  Dallas' partner, Detective Delia Peabody is taking a shower after a workout when she hears two cops start arguing about someone being murdered.  She brings everything she learns to Dallas and they go from there.  This book totally had my interest from the very beginning through the last page.

Whether or not you have ever read one of the "In Death" books, you should check this one out.  It's easy to pick up these books from any point in the series and quickly figure out who everyone is.  This book is different because you know who the bad cop is - you aren't spending the whole book wondering who did it.  This time you are will they prove it?

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Carrie said...

Gosh, I read a book by her years ago that was FAB. And the stupid thing is...I can't remember the name of it.

I can visualize it now on my bookshelf, but totally drawing a blank.

But aside from that stuff...YES! I agree...great writer.

Kindlemom said...

I absolutely LOVE this series. Eve and Roarke are just amazing not to mention all the secondary characters as well. This is truly one of those series that just keeps getting better even though there are several books in the series.

marie said...

I always appreciate your book reviews. The only thing I am so back logged on books. I am reading 2 now and have about 50 waiting in the wings. Better get crackin'.