Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog content

I need advice on what to post about. I feel like my life isn't interesting enough to post about it every day. I do have 1 product review at home but since I'm not home (I'm petsitting) I will probably do it soon-ish.

So, what do people enjoy reading about?

Thanks!!! :)


Kekibird said...

Sometimes, someone else's everyday stuff, written in a funny way, is just enough to make you smile and connect to them.

And I do enjoy when people join memes that are about sharing a story or a past experiences, stories or pictures.

But it's your blog! You get to choose whatever you feel like posting. It's your place :o)

Hope I helped a little.

Anonymous said...

Blog about the pets you are pet sitting for. Are they unusual in any way? Doing anything funny?

My life is too boring to blog about so I usually just skip posting about anything personal. LOL When my mom was alive, I would have had some great material. She was hilarious and always got into mischief out in public. I sure do miss her.

betty said...

I like to read mostly anything on people's blogs; what they are doing, area they live in, stories from their past, their pets, interests, books reading, etc. Did this help give you some idea of waht to write?


Unknown said...

I like the pets idea- of course with 5 dogs, I would.

I like reading everything too so not much help here, sorry.

Amy said...

I'm not a huge fan of meme's. I'd much rather read about what's going on in someone's life, what projects are they working on, hobbies they have, funny stuff that happens in their life, etc.

I tend to write about cooking, gardening, and my kids. I've noticed that I do a lot more cooking and gardening now that I have a blog that needs content. LOL