Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol - Boys

Woohoo.....way more excited for the boys than I was for the girls!

Todrick Hall - Kelly Clarkson "Since You've Been Gone" My thoughts...his version was way better than Kelly Clarkson's!!!  Ellen liked it but didn't love the chorus.  Randy, Kara and Simon didn't like how much Todrick changed the song. 

Aaron Kelly - Rascal Flatts "Here Comes Goodbye" I am not a huge fan of slow songs on Idol...but he does have a really good voice!  Simon thought he lacked self-confidence.  Kara kind of agreed but was nicer about it.  Kind of the same from Randy and Ellen.

Jermaine Sellers - Oleta Adams "Get Here" He started off slow but his falsetto is great!  Ellen thought he tried too hard and went out and off..but she likes him and the song!  Randy thought he should have done something more current.  Kara agreed with Randy.  Simon was rude of course and hated it.

Tim Urban -One Republic "Apologize" His low notes were okay but his falsetto was not good.  Simon thought they made the right choice the first time around not letting him into the Top 24.  Kara said the music overpowered him...but that he was likable and cute.  Randy thought it was the complete wrong song choice.  Ellen said he needs to do more than be adorable.

Jou Munoz -Jason Mraz "You and I Both" His version was okay but since Jason Mraz is like my favorite singer takes a lot for me to like other people doing his songs!  Ellen liked how comfortable he was on stage and thought he sounded good.  Randy didn't love the song choice but liked his voice and his sound.  Kara liked that he picked a song she wouldn't have guessed he would...but she thought he was the best so far.  Simon thought it was only okay and forgettable. 

Tyler Grady - "American Woman" Is there only the Lenny Kravitz version?  Ummm the beginning was kinda painful for me and it got a little bit better.  Simon said people would remember it...but maybe for bad reasons.  He thought he was cliched.  Kara actually agreed with Simon.  Randy thought he should bring the 70s into 2010.  Ellen said he lacked charisma and excitement.  She also wanted him to work on his singing.  I actually feel really bad for him.

Lee Dewyze - Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars" I really like his as a rule but he messed up some.  Ellen liked his song choice but thought he screamed too much.  Randy didn't like the song choice but does like his voice.  Kara agreed with Randy.  Simon loved it.  He said he is a naturally good singer..and to go in the direction of David Cook. 

John Park - "God Bless The Child" It started off rough for me...I couldn't even tell if he was singing in English.  But it did get better...minus the super low notes!  Simon didn't think his voice was good enough for the song.  Kara agreed..she thought it was loungy and sleepy.  Randy likes his voice but not his song choice.  Ellen agreed...but did like his performance and thought he sounded great.

Michael Lynche - Maroon 5 "This Love" I don't particularly care for this song...but his version was alright.  Ellen loved the song choice but thought there were some pitch problems.  She also loves his personality.  Randy agreed...and liked his energy!  Randy made fun of him for hurting him and Ellen when he picked them up LOL  Kara really agreed that he uplifted the energy in the room!  Simon thought he was a "good opening act".  Ellen and Kara both wanted him to challenge himself a bit more.

Alex Lambert - Given his hatred for Mary Powers....I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!  James Morrison "Wonderful World" Simon thought it was the most uncomfortable performance of the night.  Simon did say he has a nice voice...and just needs to do better up there!  Kara really likes his tone and his potential.  Randy also loves his tone.  Ellen loves his mullet...that's the only thing about him I don't like.  And...Ellen compared him to a banana that isn't quite ripe.

Casey James - Bryan Adams "Heaven" The performance was okay...the stars in Kara's eyes were ridiculous!  Kara was beyond flustered and couldn't hardly comment.  And Ellen was so distracted by Kara...LOL.  Ellen loved him and thought he'd get votes like crazy!  Randy likes his voice and his swagger.  Kara gathered her brain...and said she is both eye and ear candy.  Simon liked his song choice and his personality...and said it was Casey's best performance yet.

Andrew Garcia - Fall Out Boy "Sugar We're Goin' Down" I wish it went a little faster like the original...but I really do freaking love him!!  Simon was looking forward to him the most but was disappointed.  He thought it was indulgent and not original enough...and too serious!  Simon did say he has a fantastic recording voice though.  Kara kinda agreed with Simon but really did hope to see him again.  Randy agreed also.  Ellen was the 4th to comment about doing "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul.  She also liked him smiling at his wife and how he opened up more after that.

I think I am most worried about Tim Urban unless he gets the sympathy vote tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Still my boozer isn't on. Pffft. Okay after all I've read on all of this since this season started I'm picking Andrew Garcia to win it all :) mark this day on your calendar. LOL