Tuesday, February 9, 2010

American Idol - Hollywood Week, Night 1

Hollywood Week at the Kodak Theatre....181 people there!

Ellen DeGeneres....woohoo!!!!

Day 1 of Hollywood Week

1)Katie Stevens - They highlighted her story about taking care of her grandma at her original audition.  She went on!

2) Skii Bo Ski (Antonio Wheeler) - He looks way more normal than he did at his first audition!!  But his voice wasn't so great...he's out!

3) Andrew Garcia - Ooooh wow, Straight Up by Paula Abdul.  But kind of in the new style I like....like how Jason Mraz sings I'm Yours.  Does this style have a name????

4) Vanessa Wolfe -  Oh no, she was awful in Hollywood.

5) Tasha Layton - They skipped her Hollywood audition but had shown her original audition...don't know if she made it through or not.

6) Cornelius Edwards - I wondered if he went through to Hollywood because his pants split...and that's what Ryan just said...he stunk in Hollywood!

7) Maegan Wright - Too bad she didn't do so well in Hollywood..I bet her little brother will be sad :(

8) Amadeo Diroco - Awww...sad that he didn't do well in Hollywood.

9) Janell Wheeler - She sang American Boy by Kanye West and Estelle.....what an awesome second audition and her guitar playing was great!!!

10) Haeley Vaughn - I wasn't overly impressed by Randy liked her!  She got through to the next round.

11) Mary Powers - She sang Sober by Pink in Hollywood...Ellen loved her.  She went on...and I think she deserved it!

12) Todrick Hall - He is moving on but they didn't show his Hollywood solo...

13) Charity Vance - Also moving on...also didn't show her solo

14) Ashley Rodriguez - See notes on above two lol

46 people made it through at the end of Day 1...and they only mentioned 14!!!

Day 2 of Hollywood Week

1) Jay Stone - Uh oh...I am rooting for him...did they not like him?  They didn't really show his solo...sad times!!!

2) Lilly Scott - She is the first person they showed in Hollywood whose original audition they didn't show...I thought she was amazing!

3) Michael Lynche - He sang while his wife was in labor!!!!  He sang Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer and played guitar....I still really like him!!!!  Remember when Sanjaya sang this song???  Much better lol

4) Justin Williams - He got cancer while serving a mission?? :(  A vocal coach who can sing...yay!  How did I not notice how cute he was before????  Sad that his first audition was better than his second.

5) Tim Urban - He auditioned in Dallas but they didn't show him or I didn't blog about him. He sang Come Back to Me by David Cook.  He was a big shaky but went through.

6) Paige Dechausse - They didn't show her solo but she didn't make it...

7) Erica Rhodes - Awww the Barney girl didn't make it...

8) Bernadette and Amanda Desimone - They both didn't make it.....

9) Maddy Curtis - I didn't comment on her first audition...but the fact that she has 4 brothers with Down Syndrome is just amazing!  They didn't like her song choice :(  Awwww she didn't make it...poor thing!

10) Casey James - He plays Blues guitar!  Should he have auditioned with his shirt off?? LOL  I'm really glad he made it through...his audition was great!!!

11) Didi Benami - She sang a song by Kara...and much like her first audition...I loved her solo!!!!  I'm so glad the judges did too!  Yay, she made it!

12) Crystal Bowersox - The judges liked her first audition more than I did...but I thought she was really good in Hollywood!  Yay, she made it also!

95 people total went through to the next set of auditions?

Wow....they didn't show a ton of people in Hollywood whose first audition they showed!!!!!

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