Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol - Hollywood Week, Night 3

This is all spoilers...please don't read unless you have watched Tuesday's show or don't care...

Oh wow, another 2-hour show!!  Final solo auditions time!

Since I am blogging in real time...are they really not going to show us the auditions????

I am rooting for Room 1 and I think Room strong attachments to Room 2.

Phew...flashing back to auditions.

Angela Martin did really well!

Jermaine Purifory - Brick House...I might have liked his version better than the original lol

Casey James - Bubbly...I like his voice but I don't like her version better haha

Jermaine Sellers - I thought his audition was okay...but what was he thinking insulting the band????

Siobhan Magnus - I don't really remember her...but I am impressed!

Crystal Bowersox - I love how Earthy her voice is!!!

Alex Lambert - Anyone who sings Jason Mraz - I'm Yours and does a decent job has to have my affection...I love that freaking song!

Michael Lynche - His version of I'm Yours was okay...but he changed it too much for my liking.  His voice is good of course though.

Todrick Hall - And he ventured away even more....he did a good job of singing but I love the song too much to like the changes!

Thaddeus Johnson - Poor guy...I can't imagine having the band play the wrong nerve wracking!  I really enjoy his voice and his personality!!! :)

Charity Vance - oh no, she is in room 2!  I like her!  Her solo was really good!

Tasha Layton - I don't much remember her but her Day 1 audition was great.  Why didn't they show her name or her second solo???

Mary Powers - I'm sorry, I don't like her.  I don't like her voice and I don't like her attitude.  And she's not Katy Perry!  Her kid looks cute tho lol

Lloyd Thomas - Hmm I don't remember him well.  His voice seems okay but not over the top outstanding.

Brian Walker - They didn't show his name either.  I just hope that isn't indicative of anything!

Hope Johnson - She's such a sweet girl.  I thought some of her prior auditions were a bit better than her final solo.

Shelby Dressel - I don't really remember her...but I do really enjoy her voice!

Aaron Kelly - Oh no, my heart breaks for people when they forget their lyrics!

Ashley Rodriguez - Her voice is nice...but I feel like it isn't that strong yet.

Lee Dewyze - I don't remember him from before..but I like him and he's cute!

Joe Munoz - I don't remember him either but he's alright...

Haeley Vaughn - Her personality is so bright and shining!!!!  Again, I enjoy her voice but I just don't enjoy other peoples' interpretations of Jason Mraz - I'm Yours.

Janell Wheeler - I couldn't tell from her audition that she was struggling with her voice....I really enjoyed her version of Love Story by Taylor Swift.  But Kara didn't like it :(

Tori Kelly - Hmmm why don't I remember so many of these people?  I like her okay...but don't love her interpretation of Katy Perry either.

Lilly Scott - I barely remember her...and wasn't impressed by her final audition.

Andrew Garcia - I just love him.  If he doesn't make it I will yell and wake my whole family up lol

Room 1 - I'm sure my family will be appreciative at not being woken.  Lilly Scott, Siobhan Magnus, Tyler Grady, Thaddeus Johnson, Michaele Lynche and Katie Stevens to name the people Ryan Seacrest named.

Room 2 - They didn't make it through.  I had a feeling.  GOODBYE Mary Powers.  Sadly...Charity Vance, Brian Walker, Kristian Spear, Lloyd Thomas and Hope Johnson.

Room 3 - That means they made it.  Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, John Park, Angela Martin, Jessica Furney and Shelby Dressel to repeat Ryan again lol

I'm puzzled as to why they are doing part of the top 24 tonight and part tomorrow...wouldn't it make more sense to do it tomorrow?

Anyway...46 people down to 24....

Michael Lynche - He made it!!!  Yay!!!  It was worth missing the birth of his daughter...and they all agreed!

Didi Benami - Good to see her since my sister was worried about where she went...and glad she made it through!  My sister will be so happy when she watches!

Katelyn Epperly - She made it after Ellen totally messed with her!!!!

Shelby Dressel - Awww the first no.  And they made Randy do it :(

Casey James - Okay I'm sorry, but he deserved to go through from the beginning when he took his shirt off!  His voice is amazing and his personality keeps on developing!!!!!

Aaron Kelly - He made it through.  He is so cute and polite and his voice is so good...he just needs to remember his words! :-/

Lee Dewyze - He made it...and told Kara to shut up LOL

OMG A Glee commercial!!!!!!  But it won't be back until April :(

Todrick Hall - Kara just gave him a simple yes....I had forgotten how great his first audition was...yay!!!!

Jessica Furney - OMG She didn't make it through Hollywood 2 times in a row now...and does Randy have to give all of the bad news???  And ummm I hope that wasn't her real personality...because it wasn't nice!

17 more finalists to be revealed tomorrow night (7 girls and 10 guys)

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