Friday, February 26, 2010

American Idol - First Go Homes

Mega Spoilers....2 Guys and 2 Girls are going home...

Everyone sang "American Boy" together.  I was generally impressed as a whole.  There was one group of boys who were a bit weak but it could have just been the part of the song they had!

Siobhan - Safe!!!! :)

Haeley - Safe also....I could have gone either way with her.

Michelle - Safe...I barely even remember her lol

Katelyn - Safe..yay!

Katie and Janell - They were the last 2 in the back row standing up.  Awww man, Janell is out.  She was truly one of my favorite girls.

Allison Iraheta sang her single "Scars".  I wasn't really liking it at the beginning...but I really liked it after the beginning LOL

Paige - Barely remember her...but she made it

Lacey - Safe, phew!

Lilly - Safe...yay!

Crystal - Safe....yay...I really like her!!!!!

Ashley and Didi - They were the 2 left from the front row.  Didi is staying....phew!  I was gonna be really upset is TWO of my favorites went home.  Ashley honestly hadn't made an impression on me really one way or the other.

Big Mike - He made it!!  I want him to keep making it since his voice rocks and he missed the birth of his child to be on Idol!

John - He made it through.  I'm relieved cuz I like him but his song wasn't great last night.

Aaron - He made it through also...he's so young...yay!

Todrick - Phew, he is safe.  I was so scared after the judges ripped him apart....but his voice is amazing!!!

Tim and Joe were the 2 guys in the back row.  OMG Tim was safe and Joe went home.  I don't agree based on Wednesday's performances.

Kris Allen Kris Allen Kris Allen.  I would let everyone go home if Kris Allen could just sing all the time!  Hmmm I didn't like the beginning of his performance either but I liked everything else!  It's so awesome that he went to Haiti....he is so wonderful!!!! :)

Casey - He is safe...I was never worried for him.

Jermaine - Safe :)

Lee - Safe...yay cutie!

Andrew - Safe......thank goodness!!!!  I couldn't bear for him to go home.

Tyler and Alex were the two left from the front row.  Alex made it through and Tyler is going home.  I think that was the right choice!


krystal said...

Yea I was surprised Janell was out... she was more talented than some of the others...

Cascia Talbert said...

I haven't been keeping up this season.

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