Friday, February 19, 2010

American Idol - Hollywood Week, Night 4

I HAD to go to the casino last night so I didn't get to watch...til now

Janell Wheeler - Yay, I was ready to cry if she didn't go through.  I'm never this attached before the show even starts!!!

Tyler Grady - He made it through.  I don't remember him at all so hopefully I will now.

Lacey Brown - It's nice that she made it through after not making it last year...but I don't remember her from last year or this year.

Ashley Rodriguez - Went through

Alex Lambert - Also went through

Joe Munoz - Him too

Crystal Bowersox - She made it through...yay!!!

Katie Stevens - I was the teensiest bit worried about her...until I saw Ellen was talking to her.  Ellen doesn't give bad news!!

Angela Martin - Why does she keep not making it?????  It's kinda cruel.

Lilly Scott - She made it through...I never remember her voice as much as her hair lol

Paige Miles - Who is she? LOL  She mad e it.

Siobhan Magnus - Yay, she made it.

Michelle Delamor - Again, who is she?

Jermaine Sellers - Yay, I love him!

John Park - I like him too!!  Yay!!

Tori Kelly - She didn't make it.

Haeley Vaughn - She did make it.  Woohoo!

Thaddeus Johnson and Andrew Garcia are the final two boys.  And Andrew Garcia is my favorite of the whole freaking show!!!!!!!  OMG The suspense....  And I have tears in my eyes.....Thaddeus went home.  I'm really sad for him...but grateful that I get the watch the show this season lol

OMG I forgot to post this after the show ended....and so Feb 18 was the first day I didn't blog in months!!

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