Thursday, February 4, 2010

American Idol - Night 8

Thank goodness for DVR...I don't know how I managed before it!!!!

Final night of auditions...they're just showing the best auditions???

Jessica Furney - She picked a song Simon co-wrote hehehe   I had no idea Simon co-wrote songs!!!!  I agree with the judges...she was way improved from her audition last year!

Amanda Shectman - I liked her normal singing voice better than any of her tricks!  I hope she isn't dramatic like that one awful girl last year!!!!

Lee Dewyze - He was okay but his humming was weird. LOL

Crystal Bowersox - Her voice was okay to me...but I don't know if I would call her a "best of"

Lacey Brown - I barely remember her from last season.  Why does everyone sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"?  What am I missing that makes that song soooo popular?  Yay that she gets to go to Hollywood again.

Stephanie Fisher - Why don't women realize what they look like????  It's sad!

Rachel Hubbard - How can a 16 year-old have such a beautiful voice? 

Thaddeus Johnson - Hmmm why didn't his voice do anything for me?

Genesis Moore - Again, I thought her voice was okay but nothing spectacular.

Adrian Chandtchi - I feel a bit sorry for him.  He seems a bit "lost."

Michael Lynche - What a nice voice out of a muscle man LOL

Didi Benami - What a sweet story.  I love Hey Jude by the Beatles.  Why didn't the judges love her as much as I did?

Aaron Kelly - I didn't think a boy could sing a Miley Cyrus song well...but he did!  And he had such a sweet story about being "adopted" by his aunt.

Kimberly Bishop - I agree with the judges...weird!

Shaddaii Harris - I'm actually glad she didn't get through, because I have a problem with her name.

Hope Johnson - *Sigh*.  I come from a culture and a family where I have no problem with families having 8 kids..or however many kids they have.  But they should only have as many children as they can care for!  I'm glad she was good, hopefully she can use Idol to better her life situation. :)

Yay, Ellen is going to be at Hollywood week!!!!!  They're going back to 12 guys and 12 girls this year?  Good!!

Can't wait for next week!


Debbie said...

I am so looking forward to Ellen!

Anonymous said...

I might have to watch this just because of Ellen now that they are done with those damn auditions LOL. Bring back my boozer ROFLMAO!!!