Tuesday, February 2, 2010

American Idol - Night 7

Denver...one of my favorite cities (I go often because I have family there)

Aww...Daughtry came from Denver

Yay, Posh Spice is guest judging again!

Mark Labriola - "Chello"????  I really expected not to like him....and then I did...and he sang a song I love!  Oh, and yay for them for starting out with someone good!!!

Mario Galvan - Jailhouse Rock by Elvis....I think he is fine for karaoke...but probably not the next American Idol.

Kimberly Kerbow - The Way I am by Ingrid Michaelson....another song I love.  Her voice is really sweet...but I do like the Ingrid Michaelson version better lol

Danelle Hayes - I'm the Only One by Melissa Ethridge...I see why everyone liked her..but I am so not a fan of raspy voices!

Casey James - What a touching story.  I'm glad the girls saw potential in him....and umm kinda funny they made him take his shirt off.

Tori Kelly - I loved her daughter's drawings!! :)  Gravity by John Mayer...I liked her version more since I am not a huge John Mayer fan.

Denver....Day 2

Austin Paul - Oh no, I don't get a good first impression of his personality.  He is sooooo full of himself!  I am so relieved they didn't like him.

Kenny Everett - I might have to "no comment" on him.

Nicci Nix - I liked her singing voice better than her speaking voice!  I'm glad she made it because she came from Italy...but I hope she doesn't talk anymore lol

Haeley Vaughn - Last Name by Carrie Underwood...interesting song choice!  I thought her voice was okay

Ty Hemmerling - Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus...did his friends offer to pay him to go and audition like that???

Ugh, the DVR stopped recording as the judges were getting up from his audition.  Can someone tell me what tomorrow is???

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Coachdad said...

Bikini Boy was awful... I would have left the room like the judges did as well!