Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have never been much of a cat person. I like other people's cats but have never had any desire for one of my own.

So, as I am pet-sitting, I have a few questions about cats.

1) Do all cats go on the furniture, tables, counters, lizard cages, etc?
2) Do all cats leave scratches all over you?
3) Do all cats try to eat out of your bowl, off of your plate, etc while you are eating?

I think those are all of the questions I have. I like the cat I am watching okay, I am just definitely not used to it.

(I took the picture with my phone so it's not great!)


Michele said...

I believe it depends on the owners, actually. My cats are allowed on couches, chairs, the bed, etc. The only counter they can go on is the bathroom counter while I'm getting ready, my husband doesn't allow them up there. They know better than to go on tables, etc. I don't like using a squirt bottle, so we use a can of compressed air when they jump where they don't belong. We just squirt the air, and the noise gets them down.

My cats are also front paw declawed. I do, however, have my fair share of scratches that look like I have an obsession with cutting myself. :)

They're also pretty good about not begging for food. I will occasionally share my dinner with them, but if I place them on the floor, they'll stay.

I've tried to train my cats well, to follow the rules we have for them. They're pretty good now, but they weren't so much as kittens. And I have friends who allow their cats to do whatever they want, so they're always up on the counter and in their plates. Depends on the cat, and depends on the owner.

Jennifer said...

I've always had cats. They are allowed to go anywhere they want except
1)any counter in the kitchen
2)the dining table
3)on top of the fish tank
4)bathroom counter just because they can knock stuff over

It is ultimately up to the owner. Cats are naturally climbers. I would say it shouldn't be on the lizard cage. [Did the owner not tell you?]

My cats don't generally leave scratches on me. Only scratches I get are from playing with them and something scaring them when they are laying on me. Doesn't happen often.

My cats are curious as to what I'm eating. Generally all I have to do is say "no, get back not for you." Sometimes if they get to close I bop them on the head and say no they get the message and sit back a few feet or scamper off.

Again some owners give cats table scraps which would only make them get in your face more.

Cats really are lovely creatures. Yet have great personalities so every cat is different. :)

Jennifer said...

The answers depend on the owners. My cat know she is not allowed on counters or tables! She sleeps on our bed, in her basket, or our lap.

She does not scratch us. She only did that as a kitten a few times and only on our hands.

She does not get to eat our food. We never allowed it and she does not seek out human food.