Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions - #1

This weeks meme: Hodge podge

1. MEN- Boxers, briefs or commando?LADIES-Hipsters, thongs or granny panties? Not granny panties, but Hanes makes these great underwear that stretch and any style of those are great!!!

2. Have you ever had an infatuation with someone on the internet? Back when I was like 12...but definitely not since then.

3. a 20 dollar bill is laying on the door step of a store as you are leaving. Half the bill sits outside the door..half in. do you turn it in or pocket it?If you were coming INTO the store when you saw it, would it make any difference in your decision? If I don't see anyone near it, it's mine, because a $20 is not something that can be identified.

4. You just won the lottery....your family will be all over it as soon as they find out. Do you try to keep from telling them about it? I only have one family member who would be rude about it and well, I would have no problem being rude back :) I would want to spoil the rest of my family!!!!

5. Did you ever play ' I'll show you mine, if you show me yours', when you were a child? Can't say that I did.

6. Do you remember a huge crush you had on someone while in high school?Did the crush turn into more? I'm only 26, so of course I remember. It turned into something more for a while but wasn't meant to be. We're definitely still friends though!!

7. Have you ever had a full body massage?Were you comfortable or uneasy about being touched all over? I have had 2, and I am always so stiff that it's a bit awkward for both of us. I think if I went for massages more often I might loosen up lol

8. What do you think of wet tshirt contests? Dumb!

Your turn!!!


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO at Granny Panties. Love it.
So agree with you on #3. Excellent. Mine will be up at 12:01 HST Aloha my friend :)

I am Harriet said...

You're right- they are dumb!
Love Hanes:)

Lana said...

LOL Becca.. I wear the hanes one too!!! LOL do your have a seam up the back?? I like thse because lift and separate... LOL
Loved you answers! thanks for playing!!!

Anonymous said...

The Mark Twain one is great! I've never seen that one before. Great Quotable Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I like the Hanes ones for those certain times of the month. lol TMI, I know.

Megan said...

lol Nice little meme!

(Thanks for following me! =) )