Friday, June 5, 2009

Saturday 9 - #1

Saturday 9 blog posts 9 questions each week, sometimes with a theme and sometimes without.

Saturday 9: It's My Party

1. Do you prefer to host or be a guest at a party? I don't really have a preference. I think I like a combination of both. I definitely don't always want to be the host but I don't want to be the guest who never reciprocates either.

2. Would you rather go to a large party or a small dinner party? I prefer smaller parties. I think I get lost in the crowd at big parties.

3. What is you worst flaw? The worst thing I do that I can't seem to not do is gossiping. But I also tend to say most of what's on my mind, not just gossip.

4. What is you best character trait? I really don't like. Sometimes I twist words or avoid answering questions but I always tell some form of the truth (and if I ever lie and say something like "Oh I can't come, I will be out of town", I find somewhere to go out of town)

5. What habit in others annoys you? I can't stand when people shake. It makes me nauseous!

6. What qualities in others do you admire? I admire people who can speak in front of crowds, it freaks me out!

7. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? I would love to be taller. I know that's superficial, but I am under 5 feet tall and some things really are more difficult for me!

8. Do you tend to be shy with strangers? I am really shy when I first meet people but then I don't have a problem opening up once I get to know them.

9. Do you prefer to lead or follow in a group of people? I tend to follow if I don't know the people well and lead if I do. That probably plays into the whole shy thing.

Now it's your turn to answer and let us get to know you better :)


Hazel said...

Public speaking is both a skill and a talent I guess :) Happy Saturday.

Diana_CT said...

Before I retired this guy use to drive me nuts, he use to stand and rock back and forth. I always wanted to reach out hold him still and tell him he is driving crazy.

But he was a very nervous person. The more stress he was under the more he rocked back and forth.

I am Harriet said...

That's funny that people who shake bother you. Happy Saturday

Lori L. Clark Art said...

6. What qualities in others do you admire? I admire people who can speak in front of crowds, it freaks me out!

Me too! It's something I've never gotten over!

Lisa G said...

My husband is a wonderful public speaker--it amazes me! Have a happy Saturday :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Gossiping does bite. Great and interesting responses! Enjoy your day...

LZ said...

Fun! We had a lot of similar answers. Signed fellow shorty. 5'1 here!

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Good answers. I hate public speaking too.