Saturday, June 13, 2009

Traveling and Petsitting

Well I am leaving for Idaho tomorrow in the early evening. We should get there on Monday morning. I have absolutely no idea if my aunt and uncle have better internet access than when I was there 2 years ago so I am bringing my laptop and hoping for the best.

My mom is wanting to go to LA while I am gone to be with my grandma (who is still in the hospital) but we don't always have someone to petsit. We don't want to be mean to the dog by making him get in and out of the car. Have any of you ever used a service or someone off of craigslist to petsit? How do you know if the person is trustworthy or not? I don't want my mom to miss out on going to LA but I don't want to be mean to my dog.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog but my neighbors do and sometimes they check them into a place called like Petpaws or something like that. It's like a hotel for pets. I would check one of those places. Probably expensive. Most of the time my friends are lucky. I stay at their house and babysit LOL. Good luck Have a good trip and hope your grandma will be okay :)

betty said...

whenever we travel, we always put Koda into the kennels, actually lately its a place called the Pet Suites. They treat him like a king, spoil him rotten, but he's around other people most of the time like he is at home. He's not used to being home alone for longer than 6-7 hours so if we got a pet sitter, I think he would just be so miserable. Boarding is a tad expensive, though.


Jennifer said...

I wouldn't use someone off of Craigslist to pet sit. We always put our dogs in the Kennel. They have everything from fancy pet suites to vet kennels available. Of course it can be costly.

Most dogs enjoy the car so if you want to take the dog with you then I would. My dad takes his boxer with him to work every day and looks forward to it.