Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol

I am going into this season with caution.  I don't know how the show will be without Paula, without Simon, without Ellen and without Kara.  Too much change!  But Stephen Tyler and J. Lo are huge celebrities so worth a shot!

Robbie Rosen from New Jersey was the first one I loved!  He's such a cute kid and his story is so sweet.

Melinda Ademi from Kosovo was the next person who I absolutely loved.  She was amazing!

Travis Orlando might have been my favorite boy.  His breathing was a bit funny but that's easily fixed I think.  His second song was way better than his first one!

J. Lo is too big of a softie, but the girls normally are!  The judges got along well and were fun.  I think this season will be alright!

Tomorrow night...New Orleans!

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