Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SB Axxess Year 2 #2

I finally used my Santa Barbara Axxess card on something other than food!  The nail place that I go to, Ocean Nails and Spa, accepts Axxess!  The deal there is save 20% the first time, and 10% after.  I have acrylic/gel nails so any discount is greatly appreciated!  I only save a few dollars each time, but it adds up when you have to go every 2 weeks!

The guy there who does my nails is great!  He does a fast and efficient job, and has yet to cut me!  Everywhere else I have gone I have always gotten tons of cuts.  They have a large selection of polishes and are able to do tons of nail art also!

Below are a few pics of some of my manicures (and yes, I like my nails really short!) if you're interested LOL

 Pretty blue

Really pretty purple...but only in the sun!


Anonymous said...

Well I like 'em as well and I especially like the colors. :)

Dhemz said...

I so love the blue color...nice!