Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I publicly made 5 resolutions last year.  They were to blog every day, to eat healthier, to lose weight, to read more, and to socialize more.  As you all know, I failed at blogging every day.  I did start eating slightly healthier, which resulted in a 5 pound weight loss, but not quite as good as I hoped!  I definitely read more.  I probably did the best at that.  But I did also socialize more.  I have added a few friends into my regular hang-out buddies.

I feel confident that I will continue reading.  I love it, and I can't forget it!  I will of course continue to hang out with my "new" buddies, because why wouldn't I?

Continued from last year, I want to try again to blog every day.  I majorly failed last year, and think I can do better this year!

As far as new resolutions, I think I only have two.

1) I want to wear earrings every day.  I own a TON of earrings, and I need to wear them!

(A few pairs of earrings that I own)

2) I want to not fight with people as much.  I want to try harder to just keep my mouth shut.  Sometimes it is better to keep the peace than to say every rude thing you are thinking.  I will of course speak up when needed though, maybe in a politer way than before :)

Wish me luck everyone!  What are some of your resolutions?


Lori Lavender Luz said...

More earrings and less conflict sound like a perfect way to spend a year.

And I wish you lived closer to a Target store, though that might interfere with last year's resolution to eat more healthfully.

Anonymous said...

Well I do hope you get back to blogging. I've missed you. Love the earrings :) Keeping my mouth shut would be impossible LOL and the biggest think I don't ever do is make New Year's Resolutions...I NEVER keep them LOL