Sunday, January 9, 2011

I, Alex Cross, While My Sister Sleeps, 1022 Evergreen Place (#13, 14, 15)

3 books by 3 amazing authors!  How can you pick a favorite between James Patterson, Barbara Delinsky, and Debbie Macomber?  Their writing styles are so different that there is no way to compare.

I just finished I, Alex Cross recently so it is still very fresh in my mind.  A member of Alex's family is killed.  Even tho it is someone he hasn't seen in 20 years, he is instantly drawn into the case.  It turns out she was involved in something very dark, and very bad.  And someone very rich and powerful was most likely responsible for her death.  The ending will SHOCK you!  I have no idea how James Patterson comes up with his stories, but they are crazy!

Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove novels are something I wait for all year.  I can't wait til around September of each year when a new one comes out!  The latest one was called 1022 Evergreen Place.  Each book title is the address of a character from the book series.  This book mostly revolved around Mary Jo Wyse.  She is a sweet woman with a little baby who is falling in love with her neighbor, Mack McAfee.  Together, they find some letters between lovers written during World War II and try to find out who they belonged to.  There are too many characters to name, but they have small parts in this book also!  It was a great read and I can't wait for the next book, which will focus on Bruce and Rachel Peyton of 1105 Yakima Street.

I could not put down While My Sister Sleeps.  "There were days when Molly Snow loved her sister, but this wasn't one."  That is the first line of the book.  It describes me pretty perfectly LOL.  From the first line, I was hooked!  The story is about the Snow family.  They own a plant nursery or something like that.  Robin is a professional runner.  Molly basically runs the family business and supports her sister's career.  After Robin has a heart attack and goes into a coma, Molly discovers many things about her sister and her sister's life that are just unbelievable.  I had to keep flipping the page to find out what was going to happen to Robin.  A truly great read!

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Could be the GREATEST subject that i read all year?