Thursday, July 16, 2009


If you enter my contest, please don't disqualify yourself. If you don't leave your email address in your comment and you don't have a blogger profile, it is NOT POSSIBLE to find you...not hard, but literally NOT POSSIBLE. If you say you follow my blog but again, you don't have a profile and you don't show on my followers list, that will not count either. And, if you say you are following me on twitter but don't leave your twitter name and don't tweet about the contest, your 3rd entry will not count either.

That is my rant for right now.

P.S. If you follow the contest rules, you might win! :)


Leslie M. said...

Oh Gosh.. I pray Dear Lord it was not me.. I try so hard to follow every single rule by the book!!!!
I hear ya sista!!!

PS... you forgot

Pick me.. or
I wanna win!!!!

Sheilacakes said...

LOL. People think that bloggers are all knowing and know how to contact you. Not the case. I always leave my email address. If not it is also on my blog and on my profile. My favorite are those who say pick me I wanna win blah blah blah if you beg you won't get to win.