Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old friends

Before I start, I reached 200 posts without realizing it...yay!

So I was at work today, and my mom intercommed me and asked me to come up to the office to say hi to Ricky. (My mom and I work for the same non-profit but in different offices). I asked her Ricky who but she didn't answer and so I started walking upstairs, wracking my brain. All of a sudden it clicked, Ricky was my old manager at Blockbuster. He left Blockbuster way before I did because he got a much better paying job (that he still has..that brings him to my new job).

When I entered the building, I heard him before I saw him. He has a very distinctive voice (he was even on a local radio station for years). Wow, I hadn't seen him in at least over a year! We used to work together almost every day when we both worked at Blockbuster so it was really exciting to get to see him!

Have any of you ever run into someone you used to see every day, but only had a minute to catch up? I almost want to ask him to hang out but we only used to hang out because he was dating my best friend. They have been broken up for quite a while now, and my friendship ended with her before they ever broke up. I just friend requested him on facebook. Tell me if you, my readers, think it would be weird if I asked him to get lunch or something.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that would be weird. If he was a friend go for it. Life is too short not to :)

Smellyann said...

Ask him to lunch! I don't think it would be weird.

Congrats on hitting 200 posts!