Friday, July 3, 2009

Six Word Saturday - #4

Show my Face blog hosts Six Word Saturday each week.

Here's what you do
: Describe your life (or something) in just six words.

I have to unpack and clean.

What do you want to say?


Anonymous said...

Two chores that don't sound very fun :) Aloha

monica said...

That doesn't sound very fun on the 4th of July! Have a good one! Stopping by SWS!

Ronnica said...

Sounds Okay, not really!

Unknown said...

omg, i was just saying to someone else how much i love to unpack!

it's way better than cleaning what is already cluttered around.


p.s. i'm kind of jealous.

MJW said...

I'm not sure who this Andy person is but I hate unpacking AND cleaning! :) I actually just cleaned my kitchen, living room and bathroom this morning. I was feeling very motivated. Now I'm feeling very sleepy :)

Call Me Cate said...

I'd rather unpack than pack. Except when I don't know where to put things. Then I don't like it so much.

Thanks for playing!

Lindy said...

I get to help my daughter do that in a couple of weeks. Not so much the cleaning part, but the unpacking! Here's to fresh starts!

Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

Happy 4th ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog - come back and enjoy Silly Haiku Wednesday next week, will you?!

Unpacking and cleaning are two of my least favourite things to do. I think you should put it off until tomorrow, don't you?!

I'll be back - have a super weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

EWWW... neither one sounds like fun... but a must, regardless!!

Hopefully it'll fly by & be painless!

Happy 4th!