Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Technology Problems

This year is going really well...except when it comes to technology.

My cell phone decided to lose the time on the front screen...thankfully my friend Danny (yeah yeah) was able to find the time and put it back.

Internet Explorer DOES NOT WORK on my laptop.  It "opens" to a blank screen, a pop-up comes up that an elevation toolbar isn't working, I then can't close any of the windows, and it sucks.  So I tried to uninstall the program....Microsoft tells you two different ways to do it.  Neither one works on my computer!

And now, I was reading facebook statuses, where I saw someone say something about the new 2-hour episode of Heroes tonight.  Weird, my DVR wasn't recording any 2-hour episode.  So I looked at the scheduled recordings...blank!!!  Why in the world did my DVR decide to jam up?  Thankfully the Cox tech support people have taught me that unplugging it generally fixes it.

3 problems already this year!!!  *Sigh*

Does anyone else have never-ending tech problems??


Missy | Literal Mom said...

Seriously, there is a lot I can take. I'm a mother, right? BUT when my DVR fails on one of my favorite shows, it's like instant meltdown. Like my two year old's tantrums - sudden, tempestuous and cleansing. DVR changed my life for the good and not-so-good. :)

Anonymous said...

WOOT...Danny to the rescue...*singing - Ma he's making eyes at me LOL

IE explorer sucks all the way around. Switch to Firefox. I use it as well as Chrome.

Your DVR...sometimes they just get all messed up and yes always always always when they go nuts unplug and replug in after about 1 minute or so. It will reset itself.

Lisa P@www.isitmondayalready.com said...

Get rid if IE go to Firefox it works soooo much better!

Cassie said...

My tivo randomly decides when it will or will not record Gossip Girl for me! It is so frustrating.