Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Idol - Week 2, Night 2

Woohoo - Season 9, Night 4

Orlando! -"Only" 10,000 try outs!  (Was that 10,000 each day or combined?)
Kristin Chenowith was the guest judge.  She is so great!  I loved her on Glee :)

Theo Glinton - Well surprisingly, he wasn't as bad as I thought he would be.  But that isn't saying that much LOL

Seth Rollins - I really wanted to like him...yay!!!  My mom liked his son haha

Jermaine Purifoy - He was really good..and Randy's favorite..wow!

Shelby Dressel - I'm so relieved...I really wanted to like her also.  I'm always even more impressed when young people have such amazing voices!

18 people on Day 1...not bad

Awwww no guest judge on Day 2 (Randy's red, yellow and blue watch is weird)

Jay Stone - I was told to look out for him because he had done a program that I did also (but not at the same time).  He of course reminded me of Blake Lewis!  Yay!!!!!

Janell Wheeler - I really enjoyed her...her voice sounded "clean" to me

Brittany Starr James - Ooh, she was good!  I liked her version of what she sang...but the name of the song isn't coming to me right now

Kasi Bedford - I only thought her voice was okay but I did like her purple hair :)

Cornelius Edwards - Who takes dancing lessons from strippers???  Did he go to Hollywood just cuz his pants split?

Bernadette and Amanda Desimone - Bernadette went first and I liked her.  Amanda went second and I think I liked her better.  They were both good but neither was extraordinary.

Jarrod Norrell - Sigh How embarrassing to be escorted out of the auditions!!!  I've never seen anyone go out in cuffs!

Matt Lawrence - 4 birthdays in jail?  Sad!  Wow, I didn't know they locked up 15 year olds for 4 years!  I only thought that he was okay, but I guess everyone else loved him lol

LA is tonight!

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