Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol - Night 2

Season 9 - Night 2

Atlanta -10,000!
Guest judge - Mary J Blige...I really dislike her from the Idol finale where she barely let the person she was singing with sing.

-Dewone Robinson - I really wanted to like him...he was so sweet.  But he wrote a really awful song unfortunately :(
-Keia Johnson - I personally felt like her voice went in and out...but the judges seemed to really like her.
-Miriam Lemnouni - She sounded really good!
-Noel Reese -She sounded like the Miriam girl to me lol
-Tisha Holland - Nice high note!
-Jermaine Sellers - He is so sweet that he cares for his sick mom!  I officially love him!  He has a great personality and a really good voice.  Wow, Randy thought he had the best vocals up to that point.
-Christy Marie Agronow - What a big personality!!!  I really wanted to like her....I'm sad her voice was terrible!
-Vanessa Wolfe - A bridge jumper?  How scary! Oh, I'm so glad she was good at what she did.  I don't really know such small-town people.  She's excited to ride on an "aeroplane" lol
-Jesse Hamilton - He almost died 3 times??  Gee shocking, Mary was rude to him...I digress to reiterate my dislike for her.
-Holly Harden - A human GUItar hehehe  Her southern twang was good though.  Yay she made it!
-Lathan Davenport - awww :(
-Hansel Enriquez - He kinda was channeling Kermit the Frog
-Blake Smith - I said it yesterday...what self-respecting man sings Britney Spears?? lol
-Mallorie Haley - What a sweet girl.  I'm glad everyone liked her!
-Skii Bo Ski (Antonio Wheeler) - OMG I thought he was going to be absolutely terrible...and was pleasantly surprised!  LOL Can't wait to see if he ditches his weirdness for Hollywood.
-Lauren Sanders - 1/2 of the BFFs.  Ouch!
-Carmen Turner - The other 1/2 of the BFFs.  She really thinks her BFF sings as well as she does?  She had a really strong, amazing voice!
-Bryan Walker - I agree with everyone...I didn't expect much out of him and he was really good!
-Lamar Royal - How many times can Randy say "man" and "dog"?  And anyone who starts singing while the judges are talking is never good!  Gee and then he became a jerk...what a moron!
-General Larry Platt - I was really amused!  Maybe they should have an American Idol for the 60+ crowd :) "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, you lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground"

Chicago coming up next week :)


Michaelle said...

Okay, so, like, where have I been? American Idol is back on?

SparkleFarkel said...

Holly "The Human Guitar" Harden turned out to be quite the pleasanty surprise! I'm glad she made it through (and is willing to shed the costume!) She'll be this season's seasoned "Kellie Pickler"!

Lots and lots of talent this go-round, don't you think?

Unknown said...

First off, Mary J. Blige sang with Elliott Yamin. He did say on a radio interview that the duo they did was how it was rehearsed. He was suppose to go to the side and then join him hand in hand. Best Duet Ever. MJ was a better judge than Posh. P.S. Do you follow or read my blog? I now think that bearded 3-year-old white male with Latoya Jackson hair could be Russell Brand's young twin brother.

sheila said...

Wow, if I ever need recap info I'm definitely coming to your blog!

I actually like Mary J., but I thought during the judging the other day she was way way way rude. I mean, yeah, some people were funny, but dang, that was just very rude.