Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eminent Eights

Thanks Thom for tagging me in the Lucky Chinese Tag - Eminent Eights.

8 TV Shows I Like To Watch
One Tree Hill
Iron Chef
American Idol (so excited for it to start)
Unwrapped (candy/ice cream/yummy goodness lol)
Gossip Girl
Dr. Oz
The Good Wife
    8 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink
       8 Things I Look Forward To
      My Wii Party on Saturday (Thank you
      Going to learn tonight
      Being done with this cold
      Making my blog better in 2010
      The next book I am going to read...what shall I pick???
      Blog comments (gotta love em)
      Going to visit my uncle in May
      Playing Slingo on Facebook lol
        8 Things That Happened Yesterday
        I found what everyone thinks is a black widow in my bathroom
          I worked for 8 hours (I normally only work 4-5)
        I got to see the film "The Tribe" finally
        I finished reading "The Quickie" by James Patterson (I need to blog about it still)
        I ate cheddar cheese Mini Pringles (Can you tell I'm running out of things?)
        I played on facebook a lot as usual
        I got to see all of my kids at work after a very long winter break
        I got asked to have a meeting tomorrow...I hate meetings!!!
          8 Things I Love About Winter
            70+ degree temps (love California)
          While it's warm, it's cool enough to not be HOT
          Rainy days
          Hot chocolate (it is just more enjoyable during the winter)
          Sweaters (I feel silly wearing them other seasons)
          Ear muffs (I bought my first pair this year)
          Snow (going to snow means travelling!!)
            8 Things On My Wishlist
            A new TV (this is supposed to be my mom's Chanukah gift to me)
            A new dresser (this is supposed to be my dad's Chanukah gift to me)
            A new printer (this is supposed to be my sister's Chanukah gift to us)
            A new dog or dogs (I really want two, my mom barely wants one)
            Leopard geckos (This definitely has to be two..I'd feel guilty to only have one)
            PlayStation 3 or a Blu-Ray player
              New friends / stronger friendships with current friends (My circle of local friends was about 1 last year...I need to change that this year)
            A boyfriend??? lol
              8 Things I Am Passionate About
              Animals / animal rights
                My religion
              Facebook?? lol
                8 Words/Phrases I Often Use
                 Oh my sh*t (excuse my bad language, but I don't believe in saying G*d's name in vain) 
                No (I tend to start sentences with no, even when I am saying yes)
                Like Dad always says...(My sister and I were joking the other day about all the crazy phrases my dad has taught us)
                OMG (I use this all the time online and in texts)
                LOL (Another one I use all the time online and in texts..even when I'm not laughing.  At this point I think I say it any time I find something even remotely amusing)
                Hello?? (My phone rings often)
                Bye (gotta hang up the phone lol)
                What's on the DVR? (I barely ever watch live TV)
                  8 Things I Learnt From The Past
                  When a person is always trying to bring others down, it's because they're miserable people
                    Think before speaking
                  You need to have friends around you
                  When it comes down to it, your family will always be there for you
                  Don't will always catch up with you
                  Don't trust the DVR to record your favorite shows..check on it!
                  The bottom oven just doesn't cook the same as the top oven
                  When you microwave fish fillets, cover them so they don't explode!
                    8 Places I Would Love To Go/Visit/See
                    Japan (it is my culture after all)
                    Hawaii (then I could visit Thom lol)
                    Australia / New Zealand (people normally group those 2 into one trip)
                    Traverse City, Michigan (I have heard it's very similar to Santa Barbara)
                    The whole continent of South America (I have no idea I think anywhere cool would be fine)
                    Washington state 
                      8 Blog Friends I Want To Tag
                         Thanks for reading through this very long tag :)


                        Felicia said...

                        Dr. Oz is definitely on the top of my list too!

                        Anonymous said...

                        WOOT...she did it...Leopard Geckos? I've never heard of those hmmm interesting. I'm not watching American Idol this favorite boozing judge isn't going to be on there. Oooo Hawai'i as a place to visit. Love the list. Mahalo for doing the tag :)

                        Anonymous said...

                        Thanks for tagging me. I wonder how long it will take me to get my post finished :-) Yours is quite cool! Off to get started

                        Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

                        Thanks for thinking of me. I will have to get started on this, before I forget. I am so bad sometimes.

                        They have Slingo on Facebook? I used to play that game a lot!