Friday, January 8, 2010

Kellogg's® Pop-Tarts® Frosted Wild! Grape

As a member of the Pop-Tarts Sprinklings group, I am signed up to receive the newest Pop-Tarts flavors.

I got my first sample in the mail the other day, and it was the Frosted Wild! Grape flavor, which apparently is not even on shelves yet!!

I made one tonight for dessert, and all 3 of us tried it.  It is so yummy! 

As you can see, the top has a bunch of purple frosting with green frosting swirls.  There are also green sprinkles.

Inside, which I unfortunately didn't get a picture of, is yummy grape Pop-Tart filling.  It kind of tastes like grape jelly!

Oh, look at the cute box it came in LOL

All in all, if you like grape-flavored things, I would definitely recommend this Pop-Tart.

Click here if you are interested in joining the Pop-Tarts Sprinklings group.

This is not a paid post, but I did receive one package (2 Pop-Tarts) to try.


Juniper Saltus said...

This is so nifty! I am totally signing up for that right now!! I LOVE POP TARTS! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'll be looking in the mail for mine from you LOL :)

Amy said...

We received those but haven't tried them yet.

sunnymum said...

Just tried these as part of the sprinklings group too. Definitely grapey-flavored. I prefer them to the strawberry pop-tarts.

sheila said...

Wild GRAPE? Huh!
I'm catching up with previous posts here, lol.

Little Z said...

Thanks for posting, I cant wait to get my hands on these, as I never had the chance to try the original Frosted Grape that was out a few years ago. I had to joing the Sprinklings group too.. haha thanks again