Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Type of Hot Chocolate Are You?

You Are Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate

When you do anything, you do it big. You live large, and you don't hold back.

You either love or hate things with a passion. And since you love hot chocolate, of course you want to double down.

You're the type of person most likely to make your own hot chocolate. Only you can make it as decadent as you like it.

And you're also likely to go for the good stuff - real chocolate. No wimpy cocoa packets for you!

Double chocolate anything is good by me lol
The love or  hate comment is kinda true too


Anonymous said...

I'm a love or hate type of person to. There is very little grey in my world LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Well I assent to but I about the list inform should have more info then it has.