Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol Season Premiere

Season 9!!!!!!

Boston - 9000 people! 
First guest judge - Victoria Beckham.  I have loved her ever since the Spice Girls!

-OMG Of course the first audition is just painful.  Just cuz you're good at something on the Wii...doesn't mean you are actually good at it LOL
-Maddy Curtis - I'm such a sucker for Hallelujah...ever since the TV show The OC.  As nerdy as it is, I just get so sad every time I hear that song and think of that show.  Yay that she made it!!!!
-Patrick Ford - What self-respecting male sings Britney Spears?????  But honestly, I think he would be great in local theatre!
-Jennifer Hirsh - a Jazzy audition?? Cool!
-Amadeo Diroco - His family dinners look fun!!  How do I get invited??  His style of singing kind of reminded me of Taylor Hicks lol
-Derek Allen? - Very nasal!  A mix between Chris Brown and The Eagles??  NO!
-Mere Doyle - She just kinda yelled in my opinion.
-Luke Shaffer - I'll date him LOL  He's good!
-Benjamin Bright - Another good one!!  What an adorable boy!
-Andrew Fenton - What a grumpy butt.  He looked so miserable before his audition!  He sang alright...but he was kinda emotionless....until the end when he got all crazy on the ladies!
-Bill Bloom - Music teacher???  For whom??? LOL
-Ashley Rodriguez - Wowee.  She sang Alicia Keys and did a good job of it!
-Tyler Grady - OMG So scary what he did to his wrists...I can't imagine!  He had a great voice, and such an adorable personality!
18 yeses on Day 1.
-Lisa Olivero - Ouch?
-Mike Davis - I was worried about him doing Yesterday by The Beatles...but he did a really good job!
-Katie Stevens - What a sweet girl taking such nice care of her grandma.  I'm so happy when nice people have such amazing voices!
-Joshua Blaylock - He had a very sweet voice!
-Justin Williams - He got cancer while serving a mission?? :(  A vocal coach who can sing...yay!
-Norberto Guerrero - Was he trying to look like Michael Jackson...or LaToya?  And...I don't think you can sing Cascada a capella!
-Bosa Mora - His mom's clothes were super interesting!  His voice was good but I think Simon was right...he was a bit boring.  He needs to spice things up!
-Leah Lorenti - What a powerful voice!

Can't wait to watch Atlanta tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'm so not watching this this year. I didn't even DVR it. How was Ellen? I love her :)

JosiahsMommy said...

I'm not watching this year either. But this is a good recap!
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Felicia said...

Woah.. you really got the run down! LOL!

Sarah said...

Although I do like Posh, I was hoping to see Ellen. She's hilarious! And Justin...yummy! Good Lord that boy is cute ;)

annies home said...

my mother, sister in law and brother always watch they are as faithful in this as anything

Heather said...

I'm SOOOO excited AI is back. And, I'm even more excited that some of my bloggy buds are doing recaps! I like tonight's show. It has a few really good vocalists and some really good family stories.

sheila said...

Never liked Victoria, til she was the guest judge, lol. She's alright though.