Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Idol - Night 6

Woohoo - Season 9, Night 6

Dallas - 11,000 people!
Guest judge - Neil Patrick Harris - He's too freaking adorable!!!

Julie Kevelighan - Black Velvet...I normally really like this song...but not to much.  Now to be fair, Julie has gotten better...but ummmm not Idol material

P.S. Can they ever start with a GOOD audition???

Lloyd Thomas - Who tells Simon to get out??? lol  I hope he gets a longer tie for the future hehehe

Kimberly Carver - Yay, her voice was good!!!!  I liked her song more than my sister though.

Dexter Ward - Well...he wasn't awful.

Erica Rhodes - LOL I want to audition with the Barney song!!!  And then to En Vogue lol  I liked her voice better in the Barney song than En Vogue

Dave Pittman - He has Turret's :(  How interesting that he is totally fine while he sings!

Only 14 from Day 1!

Day 2 - Joe Jonas was the guest judge  -  Simon put on a sweater??

Todrick Hall - Okay I thought his song was a little "eh" at first but it got way better and catchier as it went on!

Dawntoya Thomason - Whew, what a name to type lol  Her voice was just okay to me!

Stephanie Daulong - Her voice was good but I don't always like that "twang"

Maegan Wright - Her little brother was freaking adorable!  I thought she was okay...definitely not my favorite lol

Vanessa Johnston - Wow, what an outfit!  She kinda yelled through her audition...except when she was like...whispering!  Etta James probably won't be too happy about that version of "At Last"

Christian Spear - Awwww little kids with cancer have to be one of the saddest things on Earth!

Kinda sad that Joe Jonas barely had any role at all.

17 tickets from Day 2!

Denver next week!


Corrie Howe said...

This was very interesting, even though I only understood part. I'm not an Idol watcher. Oh, no please don't hate me.

sheila said...

I LOVED Neil Patrick Harris. I think he should SOOOOO replace Simon!

And yes...why spend the first SEVEN minutes showing us crap? One audition no less! Taking up the whole first chunk of time. Makes me alittle miffed sometimes, lol.

Unknown said...

I was soooo disappointed! I would have like more Joe!

Melissa said...

I thought it was funny that Jonas barely spoke, too. I guess he didn't have much to say. NPH was much more entertaining. Thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday Follow. I appreciate your help in cracking the cellulite case!