Friday, January 7, 2011


If it has chocolate, I like it.  If it is most cookies, brownies, cakes, etc, I like them.  Candy bars, yes please.  Chocolate milk - I'll take two glasses!  After lunch, I eat dessert.  After dinner, I eat dessert.  Sometimes when I want a late night snack, I eat more dessert!  Keep in mind I never eat a whole candy bar or a whole pie or anything, but I eat a lot of sugar!

Every so often, I decide I want to lose some weight.  A few years ago I lost about 25 pounds and was looking pretty good, so I know I can do it pretty easily.

New Year's Day was the day I decided I wanted to try to cut out sugar.  That day after lunch, I gave in and had a Hershey's kiss.  By dinner time, it was a bit better and I only had a mint.  Somehow, by the next day, I felt a lot better.  Since the first day, I have had 1 small thing some days, and no dessert other days.  I'm amazed at how easy it was to cut back my sugar intake so drastically.

But crunchy snacks like chips and crackers...don't get me started on those LOL


Cyndy Bush said...

Oh man. I don't eat a TON of sugar, but when I want it, I want it. Ya know?
Those cookies and brownies look GOOD! lol

Ann in the UP said...

Ohhh, my dear, I hear you loud and clear. I can overcome my sweet tooth after only a few days of suger abstinance, but I can't maintain it for good. Like the lady said----those brownies look so good!!!

Mrs4444 said...

I can relate 100%! One thing at a time...Good LUck!

Emily said...

Have Lupus, I have a wild, swinging metabolism to go with it. There was a time I was eating anything I wanted, a few years, but now my metabolism has changed and boy, am I suffering trying to lose those 10-15 pounds.

A necessity since I cannot afford to buy clothes in a bigger size. Maybe this is just my "winter weight?"