Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol - Week 2, Night 1

Woohoo - Season 9, Night 3

Chicago! - 12,000 people showed up!
Ooooooh, Shania Twain is the guest judge.  My family and I all freaking love her!!!!!

-Katelyn Epperly - It's interesting when someone auditions "for their mom" but they are actually really good!  Did she say she sang a song by Duffy?  I've never heard of it!
-Amy Lang - Who tells Ryan Seacrest about their dirty dream about him?  Awkward!!!  What a freaking weirdo!  She started  her audition by falling over lol
-Charity Vance - What a cute little girl from Arkansas.  She seems so sweet!  I'm so glad she had a good audition :)
-Angela Martin - Her 3rd audition...that's dedication!  Her daughter is sick?  Her dad died? :(  Then she had to leave to go to court for a traffic violation?  Eek!  She is really good...but I worry that she would have to leave for some reason.
-Curley Newbern - I'm actually starting to feel bad for people who are bad.  Why in the world don't their families tell them?  I mean, it'd be like if you told your kids that red was green and green was yellow...and then people made fun of them for not knowing their colors.  Of course you should encourage your kids and be positive, but don't fill them with false hope!!!
-Alannah Halbert - see above comments (except I like singing lessons from the judge)
LOL cute black and white interlude (as if anything like Idol existed back in the day)
-Brian Krause - ummmm see above comments AGAIN
-Harold Davis - He was slightly better than the above 3 people.
-Chantelle Graczkowski - Ugh see above (did anyone good come to Chicago?)
-John Park - Wow, I wasn't expecting such an amazing voice to come out of him.  Shania noticed his physical traits and not his voice??? lol
-Paige Dechausse - What a strong voice out of a petite girl!  Yay, I'm glad Randy said yes so she could go through!
-Justin Ray - What hair!!!!!!
-Keith Semple - I am so not into raspy voices

Wow, only 13 golden tickets out of 12,000 people!!!!


Amy said...

I know... Only 13.. I can't wait until Hollywood starts.

Anonymous said...

It's still on my DVR waiting to be watched :(

New follower from "Friday Follow"!

SparkleFarkel said...

RATS! I missed watching this edition! Thanks for the update-- does Idol continue tonight? I'm gonna run check the Guide right this very sec!