Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Days About Me - Day 9 - Something That Makes Your Life Easier

30 Days About Me

Toni at A Daily Dose of Toni is graciously hosting a 30-day meme to help us all get to know each other better.  She has a theme for each day so that we can post something about ourselves.  There are a good number of us participating so far.  I'm excited to get to know more about my fellow bloggers and also to let others know more about me.

Day 9 - Something That Makes Your Life Easier

I am kinda old-fashioned on this one.  I love my planner!  It keeps my life organized and ensures that I never forget anything.  I am trying really hard to embrace technology and use my phone "planner" but I just cannot get into it.  And yes, it is blank this week.  I guess I'm not doing anything exciting for the next few days.  Gooooooo paper planners!


Cyn said...

I'm a planner kind of girl, too. What's funny is that (since I'm a professor) I rush out with the college students to by the University's month-by-month planner and I giddily fill in all of our days off and what now. I still feel 18 when I do it. :)

Kerry said...

i love my planner too, but im useless at remembering to USE it!!!

Toni said...

YES i love my momAgenda best thing ever!

chili pepper said...

Love my day runner... it keeps me and my gang of 10 going every day.


Katie aka Sailors Princess said...

Yay for planners. I <3 them

Robert Forto said...

I love my old Franklin Covey leather planner. It is my back up plan in case the world ever comes to an end (ie. I lose internet service or for some reason I can't by my cellphone bill).

Also,my planner has my address book and a few cards and mementos from my kids that I hold dear to my heart.


Dr. Robert Forto said...
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Michele Forto said...

First thanx for reading my blog (I'm so new to it) Seeing your comments made me smile.

Second - HOORAY! I'm so old-fashioned I keep 4 calendars going at all times. One for my business, personal, my kids - there's three of them! oh yeah and my husband!

I use my iphone but not the planner/calendar on it instead I use my igoogle calendar app which I do love. (it makes my life easier)

I tried to post this earlier but it entered my husbands account instead of my own ggrrr!

Emily said...

Paper planners rock! You should really think about the Erin Condren Life Planner. It's organized & fun, too!



Kate Kresse said...

Great one, Becca---I't be SO lost without my planer/calendar....I wonder why I didn't use that one myself! love your blog btw -- including your cool fonts for your headings! Kate @

Anonymous said...

This is awesome--I love my paper planner, too! I've tried the virtual stuff and have google calendar on my phone, but nothing beats putting it down on paper!