Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Over the Mountain and Down by the River by Robyn Carr


Just Over the Mountain and Down by the River are books #2 and #3 in the Grace Valley Trilogy by Robyn Carr.  This series revolves around Dr. June Hudson, a local who moved back to town a few years back to become the town doctor.  Grace Valley is a town where everyone knows know how that goes!

After finishing the first book, I immediately went to the thrift store to looks for books 2 and 3 and found them on the first try at Paperback Alley in Downtown Goleta.  What a great store!

These books were as fantastic as the first one.  I read each one within about a 24-hour period.  They really just expand on book one, so I can't say much more about the plot.  Book 2 does bring back to Grace Valley a newly single ex-boyfriend of June's, which stirs up some drama since her secret man is MIA.

You absolutely have to check out this little trilogy, it's awesome!

2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge - 14/50
100+ Books In a Year - 15 and 16/100


Ameena said...

Each within a 24 hour period? Impressive. I love books like that!

Unknown said...

So i just rushed over to my local library's website to order the first in the series after i read your post. Great job. Thanks. So you would recommend i get all three books at the same time?