Friday, December 11, 2009

The Blind Side (the movie)

I went to the movie "The Blind Side" with my friend Elana a few days ago.  Everyone I know seemed to see it last month, so I was really excited when she wanted to see it with me!!!!!

OMG, is it sad that I was teary throughout the whole movie???  It was just so touching from start to finish.

I'm not good at writing up big, long descriptions...but my mom summed it up well.  Both of my grandparents liked it, my mom liked it, and my friend and I liked it.  It is a movie that appeals to everyone.  Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw do an amazing job (I wouldn't have recognized Tim McGraw without the cowboy hat haha)

So if you are looking for an amazing movie to see, check out "The Blind Side"

(one of my favorite scenes)


Anonymous said...

Why so we can be teary and sad all night long LOL. Sounds like a great movie :)

AudreyO said...

I saw the movie Thanksgiving day. I loved it. I would actually watch it again at some point.