Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I have been watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon since it started back in March.  When it started, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not.  The show had some flaws and Jimmy seemed awkward.

Today, I love it.  I still record it every night on the DVR to watch the next day.  I think Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.  Awkward is part of his charm.  And I now crack up every time he laughs at his own jokes...what comedian can't keep a straight face???

And to his credit, he tries so hard!  He gets great guests.  He does cool side-shows (like 7th Floor West and the Real Housewives of Late Night).  Head Swap cracks me up.  I enjoy the games like "Lick it for Ten", "Cell Phone Shootout" and "Dance Your Hat and Gloves Off".  Oh, and beer pong.  :)

Do any of you watch him?  What are your thoughts?


AudreyO said...

I don't typically watch him but I've seen some of his humor and it is funny how he can't keep a straight face while telling a joke. I used to watch Johnny Carson many years ago. He was truly a classic.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched him. I'm not big on night TV. But I do watch Wanda Sykes. She's on Saturday on Fox Late night. She's a riot.

Jenny said...

I've never seen the show. I don't watch TV at all anymore. I used to watch The Young and The Restless, but the story lines got so bad that I don't even turn it on!

I do watch Desperate Housewives on Hulu every week.

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

I don't have cable anymore, but I have been in love with Jimmy Fallon since he was a cast member on SNL.