Friday, December 11, 2009


We have this kind of blank floor space between where I sit while using my laptop and my mom's "office" that many creepy crawlies seem to like to crawl across.  I just had to take photos of this delightful creature tonight!



SparkleFarkel said...

Since when do the words "spider" and "delightful" go together? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I just got the shivers and jumped thinking one was on me!
That thing looks huge.

Juniper Saltus said...

Eeek! Thanks for the nightmares! I am going to be paranoid all day!! LOL!

Unknown said...

Okay, so that is creepy. Not sure which is more creepy, the spider or you taking time to take a picture and not kill it. lol

Anonymous said...

Why did I picture you as not putting delightful and spider in one post LOL I would have thought you would have been a screaming mimi up on the bed LOL