Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 6

Believe it or not, I used to barely watch TV.  Then when my ex-boss came to my ex-job, she convinced me to watch a ton of shows...now I'm hooked!

So I haven't been watching So You Think You Can Dance from the beginning, but I have been watching since Season 3.  I think part of why I love it so much is because I just can't dance at all...so I am in awe of these people!

I'm at the point in the show where I am really sad to see people go home.  Since I don't have dancing skills, I feel like everyone left is amazing!  I had tears in my eyes watching Legacy and Mollee go home.  Legacy is so unique, who is like him???  And Mollee is just such a sweet young thing.

I am interested to see how they do a 6 person finale...I think it has always been 4 in the past.

Who do you want to win???


Anonymous said...

I post about this on my blog every Friday. And if you go to to my scuttlebuttmotv blog I post all aritcles and a lot more about it there. I think Legacy's attitude got him in trouble. He wasn't very likeable. Ashleigh should have gone home. Mollee was the one I wanted to win actually. But I know she didn't stand a chance. Jakob I think is going to win it :)

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I use to love watching this show, but did not watch last seasons. My husband works on it so I am always getting insider info!