Monday, December 7, 2009

Popcorn Factory!

Recently, I was lucky enough to win a 2-gallon tin of buttered, caramel and cheese popcorn from Jennifer at A Self-Confessed Foodie and The Popcorn Factory.

OMG their popcorn is amazing!!!!  It arrived really promptly, in a super cute tin.  I can't get enough of it!  I'm not even entering to win it at other blogs because I wouldn't be able to stop eating it LOL

Below are a few pics of it :)




Which flavor would be your favorite?  My favorite is the cheese!


Mrs. M said...

I would need the caramel please. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't care for popcorn...sticks to much in my teeth...then I have to floss and I gag when I it's a lose lose situation LOL

Cynthia said...

Lucky you:P I like mixing the cheddar and caramel...yum yummy!