Thursday, December 24, 2009

Character pictures

Upon seeing the character, Stitch, at California Adventure, I became obsessed with getting character pictures.  Because I am unsure of how to divide up my posts, I am going to do one of just character pictures, one of California Adventure, and one of Disneyland.

(Me, Stitch, Mom)

(With Pluto)

(Me and Handy Manny?)  I don't know who he is but he is adorable!

(Elastigirl and me)

(Mom, Me, Mickey) (We think there was more than one Mickey in his house lol)

(Me, Minnie, Mom) It was kind of nice with Minnie to do the pic first

(Me, Goofy, Mom) (These characters are so tall!)

(Me and Donald)  Will Donald ever get pants???

Malky, Rochel, Tanya, Me and Mom with Br'er Fox (I had to do a lot of research to figure that out)

They had other characters around...Unfortunately the line for Tigger and Pooh was long and it was getting dark.  The princess walk also had huge lines.  Tinkerbell was 45 minutes!  Who else did I miss?

Who is your favorite Disney character?


Anonymous said...

My fav is Donald Duck...these are wonderful photos my friend. It's so nice to finnally get to see a picutre of you :) Very nice and thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Lilo to Nani: "Stitch is troubled. We need desserts!" Love your pictures!